Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New! And SOOO Pretty!!!

Look what just came in!  This fabric is from Camelot Cottons. It's a wonderful company in Canada.  I have had a few of their fabrics in the shop before, and the fabric flew out the door so fast you hardly had a chance to notice it!  The colors are so wonderful, and the images are just so different. here are a few of them  
This Sunflower is folded, so your not seeing the whole thing.  The "panel" in about 2/3rds of a yard.  In the same panel there are two flowers.  This beautiful sunflower and the other side is a big dahlia.
I have a pillow at home that My friend Donna made with the last big flower I had in the shop like this.  I will be bringing it in to show what you can easily do with this panel.  It's sooooo pretty!  I have lots and lots of this companies fabric coming in  soon. So, stay tuned!

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