Thursday, April 19, 2012

Great Job!!!

I am soooo proud of this wonderful lady.  This is a case of a group at church (or work or any group of people)  They need a gift for someone special.  Somebody pipes up with... "I know someone that quilts!" "I bet she will make a quilt for us!"  I think this has happened to lots of us.  The problem is - #1 They have no idea how much time this will take. #2 how much it will cost. #3 They have definite ideas of what they want. But NO quilting experience.  
Oh Boy!  Sometimes this is VERY hard.  I have seen a group of six or so ladies almost come to blows over picking a pattern and fabric. Too many ideas!  This great lady took it all on herself.  Now, she could have made a lap size quilt with an easy pattern. BUT NO!  She does a queen size quilt with hand applique!  What a lady!!!!  I sure hope the recipient of this quilt loves this quilt to pieces.  It's beautiful!  And so is she!!!!


Happy Valley Primitives said...

Gorgeous work! That's a real accomplishment!


Audrey McEwen said...

I think she is and ANGEL. Beautiful work and yes, if they don't quilt, they have no idea what is involved in making a quilt! TIME, COST AND LOVE!!

Barb Joyce said...

What a fantastic lady to make this beautiful quilt. I hope the receiver cherishes this wonderful gift.