Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meet The Teacher!

Today is "Meet The Teacher"  From 12 - 3.  This is always a fun day.  Not only do I get to hang out with some of my favorite people, that just happen  to teach some really excellent classes.  I get to talk all day about them too.  This spring I think we really do have some interesting projects for you to work on.  Here are just a few of them. This cute little "Landscape" is a sample of the kind of thing Judy Irish is doing in "Fast, Fun, Easy, Landscape.  I know it looks intimidating, but really, Judy makes it a piece O cake!  She has so many tricks up her sleeve, she needs bigger sleeves!  You will love it!
This quilt is called "Japanese Jigsaw"  Looks tricky huh?  Nope Donna says it's quite easy!  We have kits for it too.  Who doesn't love batiks?  It takes fat quarters, so it can be done in any pretty fabric you would like. Donna is also teaching Machine quilting.  She will start you from the beginning - sandwiching your quilt, then she will work on straight line quilting with your walking foot. Then.... The scary free motion!  Donna will help it not be so scary.  
This is the "Clothesline Tote." This has been our most popular class the last two sessions. It's been SOLD OUT.  Norma Larshus teaches it.  This class has had great reviews by the students. You should see the lovely bags that they have made!  

So, if you have time on this gorgeous day. Stop by and get signed up for a class.  

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