Friday, June 7, 2013

New Patterns From Jenny Pedigo - WOW!

 Spring market is over and now we start getting in all the new patterns from the designers.  I am so lucky to have Jenny Pedigo lives ringht here in our area.  She let me borrow lots of her quilts for the shop.  Here are two of the new patterns, and I have four more coming in maybe today.  I just love every one of them  I know that lots of people will look at them and see curved piecing and look away. Jenny has the coolest ruler that makes it a breeze,  I'm really not just saying that to make you buy one.  I have had several customers tell me how neat her ruler is.  It's called "The Quick Curve" ruler. In each of the patterns Jenny has great instructions with detailed diagrams on how to use it. 
But, if you still don't get it....... she has wonderful videos on line.  How cool is that?  So stop in and see all the pretty quilts of Jenny's that we have on display through June.  You will be inspired!

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