Sunday, June 3, 2012

Aunt Mary's Saturday Sampler. TA DAH!!!

Well, yesterday was the last session for our "Saturday Sampler." At least until September.  I think this class was very successful.  We taught lots of technique in this quilt.  We had quick piecing, paper piecing, curved piecing, and even the dreaded applique.   I would say that 99% of the students that started this class finished all of their blocks and were ready to put it all together. Not everyone used my fabric choices, so they all will look totally different.  Here is kind of what my version will look like when they get it all done.  OK, part of it fell off the wall and I had a class coming in this morning so it's not all complete, but you get the picture.  I still think it's pretty!  We will be starting a new ""Saturday Sampler"  probably in September.  Nobody will want to commit during the summer.  I have a great project though.  So, stand by.

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