Thursday, October 14, 2010

Busy! Busy!

Wheww!!! The last two days here at Aunt Mary's has been a whirlwind! Wednesdays The classroom gets taken over by this wonderful group of "Ladies" we like to call them the "NASTY GIRLS. They ar such a great group of friends that make my day fun and exciting. They sew, eat laugh and generally having a good time. My good friend Cleo tends to be the ring leader and trouble maker. There is always one in every group, but we wouldn't know what to do without her. What a fun lady! Then at four the Applique Society girls come in. We have a great time sharing the projects we are working on, talking about our applique passion and having a wonderful "potluck" dinner. Let me tell you - these girls know how to cook! My husband is always jealous. Last night he went to Taco Time. :(

This morning I had to be here kind of early to set up for Roxanne's "Girls Day Out" and another group of girls, "The Sassys" that meet over by the kitchen. Both groups had a good time. There seemed to be lots of noise coming from the classroom area anyway. I just love to hear that hub bub. It always sound like a flock of birds. Here are a few pictures of some of the quilts that were shared this week. Norada made this pretty quilt with the pattern and kit that we had in the shop. It's called "Mod Quad" So now here I am. It's kind of quieted down. So I better get a few things cleaned up and ready for the week end.

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