Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A "Lucy" Update

Well, it's been about two months now that our little Lucy came to be our "Quilt Shop Dog."  She has made sooooo many friends!  She just loves to greet everyone and maybe give a few puppy kisses.  I have been working hard on  teaching her a few manners.  When it's quiet in the shop and someone comes in, she gets a little barky.  We are working on breaking the habit.  She's so smart and stubborn though, but, I think we are making progress.  This cold snap has set us back a little bit on potty training.  Take her out and she looks at you like "Are You Nuts!!!"  I guess I would object a bit as well.  Over all, she has been lots of fun to have in the shop.  Such a cuddly, sweet little girl.  Here she is showing of her new winter sweater. Need a little love and puppy kisses?  Stop by. 

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Unknown said...

I miss Lucy! And you too, of course!