Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Laurel Burch and The Fabulous Felines Are Here!

I just love it when the new stuff comes in!  Yesterday we got a big load from Clothworks.  Inside was all the beautiful Laurel Burch Fabric " "Fabulous Felines."  When the sales rep was in a few months ago, I remember, I had a hard time picking out just a few from the line.  So I closed my eyes and just ordered the whole line!  I really don't do that very often.  It's really just too expensive.  But this time I just did it.  I'm really glad I did. It's really very fun and beautiful.  The colors are so gorgeous!!! Today I finished putting it all out and  I made a few Pillowcase kits.  they were selling very well all day. 

Saturday is "Last Minute Gift Demo Day"  here at the shop.  I do demonstrations on all kind of great gifts that are quick and fun to make.  So the pillowcases will be a big hit!  I had such a great time playing with all the fun possibilities and combinations.  
Check out the pretty thread that goes with the line of fabric.  It's really yummy!  One of these packs could be in your stocking.  You better send Santa in!  If that big pack doesn't go home with someone real soon. It may follow me home!  

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