Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mary Lou Weidman Does It Again!

Ok, I know I have this book on the side of my blog , but I just have to say more about it.  IT'S REALLY COOL!!! I'm so proud of Mary Lou!  Even if she were not one of my hero's, I would want to tell you how great this book is.  In this book you get to see how much fun it its to let loose and create fun whimsical blocks. Cats, Cakes, Chickens and Cows, Flowers and even Ice Cream Cones!  Maybe even be inspired to make up your own "Hoochy" blocks.
Now, if you are the kind of quilter that gets uptight about precision, (Not that there is anything wrong with that. If it makes you happy)  (I just think if your having fun there is no room for anxiety)  You may not want to play with this book.  But, if you are the type that likes to let loose!  Take our shoes off!  have some fun, and see what happens!  Wooo  Hoooo!  This is the book for you!!!   I Think I will take this book home for my days off and see what happens.  You will have to check back to see.........

Oh, for more inspiration check Mary Lou's blog. There is a link farther down on this page.


marylouweidman said...

My goodness thank you for the lovely write up. Carrol, you must teach that cow class or let me! It is so awesome and we are making different cows for Market-cowabunga, mad cow, moochacho's, moogoogaipan, moogobeef,marilyn moonrow, MOOn o'er Miami,cowafornia, frankin'stein, etc....they are awesome looking with great fabrics!

Unknown said...

Hi Mary,
I love this book, too. Thanks for mentioning it on your blog. I was fortunate enough to meet you last summer, on the way up to our annual Whidbey Island week. Both Mary Lou & I had great fun thinking up the projects, blocks, & alphabet. Now we're doing them all over again, in different colorways and scenarios. Like crazy cows and chickens, more delicious sweets for summer, and celebration cakes to boot! Enjoy everybody.